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We have recreated numerous examples of museum-quality functional arrows. These have included Eastern Woodlands styles, Plains, Southeastern Cane (one and two piece), and Ancestral Pueblo two piece reed types.The arrows are tipped with chert, obsidian or metal trade points (made from barrel hoops). Southwest arrows utilize materials collected by Redhawk in the four corners area.




  • Wild turkey hafted with deer sinew


Arrow shaft material


  • Eastern Woodlands: yellow dogwood cut in the winter, seasoned and hewn to uniform diameter, heat straightened and stained with red hematite

  • Southeastern: river cane shaft (arundinaria gigantean) with dogwood foreshaft

  • Ancestral Pueblo: reed shaft (phragmites) with grease wood or dogwood foreshaft (note: nock end has small wood plug for reinforcement)


Arrow Sizes


  • ¬†All arrows average 26 to 27 inches in length from nock end to end of shaft (point length excluded).


Please contact Redhawk with any questions by email at


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