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About Redhawk


I spent my formative years on a farm in rural Indiana. As a boy, one of my favorite past times was to take my dog out in the fields and search for Native American relics. At the time, all I knew was that I was finding “arrowheads”. It wasn’t until I was in the military that I began to learn, not only of the great age of these tool components, but I developed a deep appreciation for the ancestors of the many native cultures who called this land their home.


Curiosity didn’t end there.


The stone relics I had found were only one element of tool systems that were the key to the survival of a race which conquered and populated this continent. I began to haunt the Field Museum in Chicago first learning the process of flintknapping then on to fabricating atlatls, bows, arrows and quivers. My wife, who shares the same interest in native cultures, quickly became proficient in the art of beadwork. What had started as a child’s summer adventure has become the vehicle which has allowed me to meet some of the most interesting and talented people, not only in my state but across the country.


The goal of Redhawk Native American Museum Reproductions is to pay homage to the skills of the first Americans while honoring the vibrant living cultures of the present. We will attempt to achieve this goal by creating functional museum-quality copies of Native American hunting kits and related tools and clothing.


We use, wherever possible, indigenous materials for the creation of these items. These materials will be specified with the item’s description.


We are also honored to offer museum-quality items produced by individuals skilled in primitive techniques of the cultures in their regions.


While we deeply respect our Native American brothers, we do not have a tribal number per the requirements of the Indian Arts and Crafts Act; however, any item that has a tribal source will be proudly noted.


All furs, antler, feathers and animal parts have been legally harvested per Indiana Department of Natural Resources regulations.



-Richard Maryonovich



Feast of the Hunter’s Moon

 Fort Ouiatenon – West Lafayette, Indiana


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